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Ajna Beeing promotes conscious living and stands for equality, unity and shares sustainable approach to life. As we evolve as human race, we have to realize that no one except us is responsible for our planet, our bodies and our consciousness. It is important to surround yourself with energies that uplift your daily life and make the journey so much more fulfilling. As a reminder, every day, that there is a purpose to our existence and there is a deeper meaning to life. Ajna Beeing sees no race, no color, no religion, no borders Ajna Beeing is an understanding that we are ONE. We share one mother and one sun. We all see the same blue sky and when night falls, there is one bright moon for all the children of the planet. Ajna Beeing aims to unite those who share this love for unity and holistic living. And to enlighten those who don’t. To protect the sanctity of nature and love and to spread consciousness. To be conscious is to be aware of yourself and of your surroundings, of the beings with which you share your planet, and of the planet itself. 
To live consciously is to feel the energy in the water you drink and in the smiles that you share. Close your eyes and feel the world in your space, there is energy transferring all around you. In the hands that create art and craft. In the nourishment of your body, the breath in your lungs, in every human embrace, and within every interaction you have with mother nature. There is energy. There is love. There is life. Ajna Beeing promotes this very consciousness living in a modern and material world, it is easy to get distracted and forget that the food we eat, the clothes we wear, and the materials that we possess came from another beating heart, a human with a mind and soul and was sourced from our very Earth. Ajna Beeing is a lifestyle. A brand. One that supports and recognizes those materials that were born of human hands. One that stands for the well-being of our planet and its inhabitants. Our earth is the hand that feeds and as her children we need to protect, preserve, and respect this provision. We are all one, we are the children of one mother Earth.  

Ajna Beeing believes in love. Love for all. We are one, big human family. By supporting Ajna Beeing you are supporting the families and communities of your brothers and sisters. There is strength in unity. There is peace in unity. We become stronger when we meditate together, when we speak together, and then we GROW together. When you purchase with Ajna Beeing you are empowering this oneness this unifying growth.
Thank you for your support, you matter!

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